Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR)


The Hellenic Centre for Marine Research is the national laboratory of Greece on oceanography and marine research. Our work covers the entire spectrum from basicscience to technological research. We do large scale experiments in the ocean, measure environmental parameters, explore the seafloor, find ancient wrecks and submerged cities, help the State with tsunami hazard mitigation, protect our beaches, study the evolution of fish populations, develop feed for fish, train graduate students and disseminate information to the public. We invite scientific collaborations from anywhere in the world, and we charter our oceanographic ships for specialized studies.


The HCMR shares its buildings and facilities in Athens (Anavyssos and Agios Kosmas areas) in Heraklion Crete, Rhodes
and Kalamata.The HCMR's departments are located as mentioned below:

Department Area
Institute of Oceanography       Anavyssos and Heraklion
Institute of Marine Biological Resources      Agios Kosmas and Heraklion
Institute of Aquaculture  Agios Kosmas and Heraklion
Institute of Marine Biology and Genetics                           Heraklion
Institute of Inland Waters                                                    Anavyssos
Library   Anavyssos and Heraklion
Aquaria Heraklion and Rhodes
Local Office   


HCMR 46,7 km, 19013, Anavisso, GR T (+30) 22910 76 322 Email: webadmin@hcmr.gr Skype: HCMR_Call