Academy of Athens


The Academy of Athens has the legal status of a Legal Entity of Public Law and is supervised by the Ministry of National Education and Religion.
Its operation is governed by its Founding Charter 4398/1929, which ratified the Constitutional Decree of March 18th 1926 concerning the Regulations of the Academy of Athens.
According to its Regulations, the Academy is composed of three Sections: the Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, and Ethical and Political Sciences.
The main purpose of the Academy of Athens is the cultivation and advancement of the Sciences, Humanities and Fine Arts, the conduct of scientific research and study, and the offer of learned advices to the state in these areas.
In the pursuit of these objectives, the Academy of Athens supports scientific research, participates in international scientific organisations, carries out publications, grants scholarships, and confers awards and honorary distinctions.
Currently there are 13 Research Centers and 10 Research Offices in operation, all with specialized libraries, as well as a central Library named the "Ioannis Sykoutris Library". Since 2002 the Academy has supervised the Foundation of Medical and Biological Research.


Research Centers  
Research Centre for Modern Greek Dialects
Hellenic Folklore Research Centre
Research Centre for Medieval and Modern Hellenism
Research Center for the History of Greek Law
Research Centre for the Study of Modern Greek History
Research Center for Greek and Latin Literature
Research Center for Astronomy and Applied Mathematics
Research Centre for Greek Philosophy
Research Center for Scientific Terms and Neologisms
Research Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology
Research Center for Antiquity
Research Centre for Greek Society
Research Centre for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art
Research Center of Pure and Applied Mathematics