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During the introductory speech, the General Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Athanasios Kyriazis, representing the Minister of Education and Religious Affairs, Culture & Sports, said:
"The change in the situation of the country, the economic growth, new jobs will come through education, through innovative programs and research conducted in higher education, in scientific areas similar to the ones in which you have already excelled and therefore you are here today. Hellenic Academia deserves more credit than it is given in some cases. There are niches of excellence in Higher Institutions, there are centres which rank among the best universities. We draw hope from the results of the Councils which were elected and established in Universities. Famous professors from around the world came to participate in the Councils of the Hellenic Universities. This is a proof, in my opinion, of the way in which Hellenic Academia and the existing Centres of Excellence are perceived by academics from abroad. I believe it is up to us to develop and promote them and reach the top".

The need to consolidate excellence was stressed by the President of the National Council for Research and Technology, Mr. St. Krimigis. "Today, more urgently than ever in the modern history of the country, there is a need to explain to the students that excellence is not simply “a reward”. Excellence is an objective. It is a philosophy of life. It is an investment to the future of the country", he said.

The General Secretary of research and technology, Mr. V. Maglaris presented the current situation of research and innovation in Greece and talked about excellence in technology and innovation as an important factor to the competitiveness of the Greek economy.

Mr. R. Spandonidis, representative of the Organizing Committee of the contest “Greece Innovates” presented the assessment of the contest.

At the closure of the conference, Mr. Panagiotakis, Chairman of Rectors and Mr. Kapetanakis, representative of the Presidents of the Technical Educational Institutions, stressed the need of establishing the institution for promoting and exploiting the achievements of Greek scientists.

Mr. P. Spirakis, President of the Institute of Computer Technology and Press “Diophantus” coordinated the Conference.

Presentations - Excellence Clusters per Thematic Area

Presentations - Student Excellence Clusters


Ι. Ματσούκας, Καθηγητής   Ρ. Σπανδωνίδης, εκπρόσωπος της οργανωτικής επιτροπής του διαγωνισμού Η Ελλάδα καινοτομεί!   Μ. Ταταράκης & Ν. Παπαδογιάννης, Καθηγητές 

Χ. Ζαρολιάγκης, Καθηγητής       Α. Δημοπούλου, Επ.Καθηγήτρια 

Χ. Ζαρολιάγκης, Καθηγητής         Α. Παπανικολάου, Καθηγητής         Β. Μπίνας, Μεταδιδ. Ερευνητής         Μ. Καμαργιάννη, Παν.Αιγαίου 

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