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The starting point of the musical thought of the young composer and student of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Orestis Papaioannou, is usually a minor incentive from a musical time, a harmonic relation or even a rhythmic pattern.

His main goal is to attribute a particular identity in each of his work, by economizing with his harmonic material, so that the musical compositions sounds as consistent and compact as possible.

One of the main characteristics of his compositions is the existence of melody and secondary voices, where roles interchange orchestrationally.

The aim of his music, beyond expressing his personal feelings and thoughts, is to transfer those feelings to his audience supremely.

He feels that he makes use of an affordable musical language which hides, however, a compositional complexity.

Student of AUTH wins first prize in international composition contest


Orestis Papaioannou was born in 1993. He studied music in the Municipal Conservatory of Edessa, in the senior theorists classroom of Giannis Gkouranis (degree in harmony and counterpoint with distinction) and in the clarinet classroom of Dimitris Papaioakim (degree in clarinet with distinction and first award).

The first rigorous style composition by the young composer which excelled, is entitled “Prague Canon” and it is a rule for string orchestra. He considers to have written this rule as a tribute to Prague, which from the classical period has been an inspiration for many composers who visited it and then composed music which they performed in historical concert halls. The most famous example of those compositions is the Symphony No.38 of WA Mozart, known as the "Prague symphony".

The second free style musical work that Orestis Papaioannou composed is entitled "Conversation with J. Suk" and is aimed for eight performers. The composer offered this title in his work since among the topics that were proposed by the committee, he chose that of the Czech composer J. Suk at an attempt to add some of his personal elements to it.

Today he continues his studies in AUTH, in the composition class of professor Christos Samaras at the School of Music Studies.

International Awards

- First award at the International Antonin Dvorak Composition Competition, 2015.

This Competition pays tribute to the memory of the great composer Antonin Dvorak and his musical achievements, and seeks to discover young and talented composers from around the world. In the finals of the competition of 2015, 24 composers participated from 19 countries, selected among many others on the basis of a musical work submitted earlier that year to the committee. Participants were divided into Junior (18-23) and Senior (24-33) categories and were asked to compose in Prague two new musical works from the 27th until the 31st of July 2015, based on musical themes suggested by the committee. Ιn the framework of the same competition, besides from the three basic awards for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, seven special awards have also been awarded, out of which Orestis Papaioannou won the following two:

- Award for the best rigorous style project.

- Award for the best tonal music.

Additionally, the composer received a prize in 2015 with his Elegy project for mixed choir by the Hellenic Choirs Association, in the framework of the 2nd Composition Contest of Choral Housing Project.