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The science of Civil Engineering includes, in essence, applied physics. Mathematics in the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Democritus University of Thrace is taught with emphasis on applications, without neglecting the theoretical background. The teaching of mathematics extends to research in the field.

In recent years, the Professor of the Civil Engineering Department, at the Polytechnic School of DUTh, Mr. Vasilios Papadopoulos undertook the responsibility of preparing students of all departments of the Polytechnic School of DUTh for their participation in the South Eastern European Mathematical Olympiad for University students, known as ‘SEEMOUS’ (South Eastern European mathematical for University students). This effort resulted in student multiple awards.

The contest allows participants to express their passion for mathematics by solving difficult problems in the field of mathematics and at the same time it offers them the opportunity to meet with foreign students, exchanging knowledge and experiences.

Ongoing student awards in ‘SEEMOUS’ international mathematics competition


Despite the fact that the Democritus University of Thrace is not the only Greek University that stands out in SEEMOUS competition, with the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens to often win first place among all Universities participating in this competition, however, in the case of the Democritus University, participants are mostly from the Polytechnic School of the Department of Civil Engineering and not from the Department of Mathematics. Furthermore, students of the Department of Civil Engineering DUTH have the greater participation in the competition and the largest number of acquired medals, among the Departments of Civil Engineering, in Greece.

Every year, the student preparation for the competition lasts from October until March. The lessons are held every weekend and their duration exceeds, in terms of time, the duration of a six-month course of more than 50 credit hours per year by Prof. V. Papadopoulos. Additionally, during the last few years, the mathematician and professor of the University of the Aegean, Mr. Michael Anoussis is also being invited and actually participates in the preparation of students by delivering seminars.

The ongoing success of students in the competition over the years, has assisted in the overall upgrade of teaching mathematics in the Polytechnic School and it has contributed to the recognition of the Department among the best Departments of South-Eastern Europe, which have got a tradition in mathematics while students who have taken part in the competition have been admitted to the best Universities abroad for postgraduate studies.

Awards to Engineers in Mathematics Contest

In the ‘SEEMOUS’ (South Eastern European mathematical for University students)Mathematical Olympiad for University students, the students of the Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Democritus University of Thrace who have received distinctions are, for the year 2014:

Nikolaos Karampelas, Bronze Medal

For the year 2013:
1.Karampinis Ioannis, Silver Medal
2.Lekkas Sotiris, Bronze Medal
3.Tsironis Alexandros, Bronze Medal
4.Desiniotis Dimitris, Bronze Medal

For the year 2012:
1.Argyros Christos, Bronze Medal
2.Karampinis Ioannis, Bronze Medal
3.Lekkas Sotiris, Bronze Medal
4.Mpalalis Dimitris, Bronze Medal
5.Stathakopoulou Elpiniki, Bronze Medal
6.Sykara Stavroula, Bronze Medal

For the year 2011:
Kingsley Adjenughwure, Silver Medal

For the year 2010:
Kingsley Adjenughwure, Bronze Medal

For the year 2009:
Seitanidis Ioannis, Bronze Medal

Reference to the above awards has also been included in the external evaluation report of the Department Civil Engineeringin 2013, by independent evaluators - Professors from Universities abroad.


Vasilios Papadopoulos, Full Professor of Mathematics and Statistics, Department of Civil Engineering, Polytechnic School, Democritus University of Thrace.