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A significant activity of the laboratory of Information, Data and Knowledge Management, at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, is the development of information retrieval systems through natural language processing techniques. The work of the research team as far as the «PA_CO_CLIR» project, in the framework of ‘Archimedes’ program, financed by GSRT, which aimed to broaden techniques and methods for the development of cross-lingual information retrieval systems was acknowledged through an award ceremony, by the TEI of Athens.

The laboratory offers, documentation services and information technologies with applications, mainly, on Cultural Heritage issues. In the framework of their internship, students of the Department, digitized books and manuscripts of the Monastery of Annunciation, at the island of Skiathos, with the support of the laboratory research team. The results in providing access to the content of these books using natural language processing techniques and in creating user friendly software have been significant.

Developing the educational role of information


The laboratory of Information, Data and Knowledge Management in the framework of the TEI of Athens and in collaboration with the “Advisory Intervention for the Support of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students” (SPYKB), that finances the TEI of Athens from 1998 until today, provides remedial teaching to disabled students.

In this framework an innovative software (Multimedu) was designed and implemented by a team of deaf or hard of hearing students of the Informatics Department. It is an online system that provides services and distributes information in any possible form (audio, video etc) utilizing the most up-to-date technologies.

The Multimedu software is the first complete learning system that includes collaborative multimedia, multilingual dictionary with multiple terms, library of educational multimedia material and online real time parallel presentation system, thus allowing to students with hearing or visual problems to have access to multiple network activities by integrating them in the academic but also in the wider community.

Another major activity of the laboratory research team is the development of information retrieval systems through natural language processing techniques, for which the team has won a prize.

Imagine Cup 2011, TEI of Athens

The team ‘PEARLS’ of the Informatics Department of TEI of Athens won the 3rd place with the Multimedu project, in the national finals of the innovative contest Imagine Cup 2011. The aim of the contest is to promote students’ creativity through technological solutions, to tackle the world's biggest problems.

Additionally, the Department of Informatics was awarded a prize by the TEI of Athens, in 2006 for the research project PA_CO_CLIR (Parallel, Content-Based, Cross Language Information Retrieval) in the framework of the ‘Archimedes’ program.


Collaborators: Christos Skourlas, Professor, Department of Informatics, Head of the Information, Data and Knowledge Management Laboratory. Laboratory Members: I. Chalaris, E. Galiotou, N. Karanikolas, C. Kilias. Faculty Members: S. Gritzalis, A. Ralli, V. Kaburlasos, A. Marinagi. Researchers: G. Paliouras, I. Manolessou, (students) N. Giannoulis, A. Kaya, P. Kakoulidis, K. Rikkou.