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In his work, Dimitris Economou mainly focuses on the notion of the "aesthetic of failure". His music is characterised by the audio aspects that occur from disruption, interference, looping and distortion of various textural developments and linear transformations in a textural approach often using very little material in his work.

Effects in electronic music appear only with acoustic instruments while melodic lines are altered, creating momentary interference in the development and evolution of the material.

His music illustrates the paradox that arises with the existence of a parallel distorted dimension and a "second timeline" in the project, confirming and negating causality at the same time.

Chamber and orchestral music, in a personal postmodern style


Dimitris Economou (1984) studied composition at the School of Music Studies of the School of Fine Arts, at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, in the class of professor Christos Samaras. He continued his studies at the University of York, in UK, where in 2009 he received his Master’s of Music in Composition, with professor William Brooks. He is currently a PhD candidate in the School of Music Studies of the School of Fine Arts, AUTH.

His work has excelled during the first National Festival of Chamber Music in Athens (2003), in the Contemporary Music Workshop in Athens Megaron Concert Hall (2005) and at the Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall (A’ award, 2006), at the Art Competition organized by the School of Fine Arts of AUTH for its 20 years since its foundation (2005), in the Third International Competition for Composers by Mediterranean Music Centre in Lamia (B' Award, 2006) as well as in the 8th Composition Competition in memory of Y. A. Papaioannou, Hellenic Ensemble for Contemporary Music (B’ Award, 2007). In 2009 he received the RPS Award, by the Royal Philharmonic Society in the UK and he undertook work for the Philharmonia Orchestra, which was performed at the Royal Festival Hall, in London. In 2009, he was also honored with the Award "Young Composers Award 2009" of the Charities Philharmonia, in London. In 2011 he received the Scholarship of Excellence for PhD Candidates of the AUTH Research Committee and since 2012 he works as a teaching assistant at the School of Music Studies, in the School of Fine Arts of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

He has cooperated with ensembles such as the Dissonart Ensemble (GR), the Trio Iama (GR), the Hellenic Ensemble for Contemporary Music (GR), the Lontano Ensemble (UK), the Chimera Ensemble (UK), Philharmonia Orchestra (UK), Charities Philharmonia (UK) etc. Economou’s work has been published by Edition Peters and his music has been included in numerous performances in Greece, Cyprus, Germany and the UK. Since 2011 he is a member of the Greek Composers Union.

International Awards

- 2013 - Honorary Mention Award in the International Composer Competition "34th Young Composer Competition for the Frederic Mompou International Award", Barcelona, Spain.

- 2012 - A’ Award in the International Composer Competition "International Composer Pyramid" (International Composer Pyramid), Sounds New/ Coups de Vents, Canterbury, UK/France.

- 2009 - Young Composers Award 2009 (Young Composers Award 2009), Charities Philharmonia, London, UK.

- 2009 - RPS Award 2009 (Royal Philharmonic Society Composition Prize 2009), London, UK.

- 2008 - Award with participation at the Research Conference RMA, King’s College, London, UK.

- 2007 - B’ Award, 8th Composition Competition in memory of Y. A. Papaioannou Hellenic Ensemble for Contemporary Music, Athens, Greece.

- 2006 - A’ Award, 1st Contemporary Music Workshop, Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Greece.

- 2006 - B 'Award, 3rd International Competition for Composers, Mediterranean Music Centre, Lamia, Greece.


Dimitris Economou (1984), BMus, MMus, Composition Degree, School of Music Studies, The School of Fine Arts AUTH, MA, Master’s of Music in Composition, University of York, UK, PhD Candidate, School of Music Studies, AUTH. 

Christos Samaras, Professor of School of Music Studies, School of Fine Arts AUTH.