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Similarly to any other living organism, in the case of mites and insects, which live as parasites on plants and are enemies of crops, there are natural enemies e.g. other mites and insects. These specific mites and insects attack periodically the enemies of crops and consequently reduce their population and help their production.

Mites of the family of Phytoseiidae belong to the mite category with great agricultural interest since its species are effective predators of the plant feeding mites and insects.

This is the category of mites which is being studied in the monograph titled «Phytoseiidae of Greece and Cyprus (Acari: Mesostigmata)». More specifically, it deals with the species of the family of Phytoseiidae from the Greek and Cyprian fauna as well as with their taxonomy. Additionally, in 2008, this monograph was awarded the Academy of Athens award for the “arthropod systematics of Greece and Cyprus in the agricultural interest group”.

Mites against biological enemies of crops


The award-winning monograph research in Agriculture comprises a general review of the classification and the external morphology of the mite family of the Phytoseiidae, found in Greece and Cyprus. These species present great agricultural interest, since many of them are currently used in biological control programs of mites and insects crop pests.

In total, 102 species were found to belong in 21 genera and 2 subgenera. Thirteen of these species are described as new to science while 8 are recorded for the first time in the Greek and 6 in the Cyprian fauna correspondingly. All items found are presented in greater detail than previously and for each kind, additional information is given about its expansion worldwide, including Greece and Cyprus, as well as about its habitat and its host plants.

To determine the Phytoseiidae genera and species, original dichotomous keys are given. The number of species found in Greece and Cyprus, is too big compared with other European and Mediterranean countries.

The book is a study model of this family and it is the result of hard, detailed and exhaustive work which has yielded many new species for science.


Dr. George Th. Papadoulis was awarded one of the 4 Emmanouil Benakis awards of the Class of Sciences, from the Academy of Athens in 2008, along with 4.500€, for his project: «Phytoseiidae of Greece and Cyprus (acari: mesostigmata)» (Phytoseiidae mites (Class Mesostigmata) of Greece and Cyprus, Published by: Indira Publishing House, West Bloomfield, Michigan, U.S.A., pp. 200), an original research work on the systematic arthropods in Greece and Cyprus over a group of agricultural interest.


Georgios Th. Papadoulis, Professor, Nikolaos G. Emmanouel, Professor, Faculty of Crops Science

Eleftheria V. Kapaxidi, Researcher C, Benaki Phytopathological Institute (BPI)