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In recent years, the need to reduce the gaseous pollutants that cause the global warming and the use of cleaner energy, have led to the production of new products as well as to the development new technologies for environmental protection. Globally it is estimated that hydrogen will become an important energy carrier in stationary applications and in transport. Many countries such as the US, Japan, Canada and some EU countries have already focused in the development of technologies for hydrogen production and use for energy purposes in order to become independent from imported fuels.

The Environmental Technology Laboratory team of the University of Western Macedonia, has designed an integrated business plan for the development of composite materials and hydrogen technologies and their promotion through the spin-off company «Materials and Hydrogen Technologies SA». It is a knowledge-intensive company based on the steady development and independent research as well as on the development of both conventional and high-risk innovative ideas.

Innovative business plans from the University of Western Macedonia


The «Materials and Hydrogen Technologies SA» company extends in two main domains: a) its participation in research projects for further scientific and technological development and b) the production of scientific devices, materials and products suitable for any power process with fuel cells or direct hydrogen combustion.

In particular, the company in its basic production process, will address: a) rapid solidification arc system, b) specific stoichiometry materials in powders and compact for metal hydrides, magnetic materials and fuel cells, c) ferrites production for power applications d) high-temperature ceramics oven, e) tablet production system in presses g) metal hydride tank for mobile and stationary applications and hydrogen compressors, h) education system which consists of photovoltaic–fuel cell-consumer-hydrogen tank, i) high pressure Volumetric systems and j) trade-production-optimization of autonomous power systems with hydrogen. These products will be available in the market both in the energy production process of fuel cells, and the direct combustion of hydrogen.

Their targets are to develop novel hydrogen technologies as well as to provide laboratory facilities at Universities and TEI departments, as well as in other companies or research centres.


The Environmental Technology Laboratory team of the University of Western Macedonia, under the supervision of the Lecturer, Mr. Sofoklis S. Makridis, through a business plan developed as part of the Competition of Innovative Business Ideas, has presented the «Materials and Hydrogen Technologies SA» company, winning the third prize at the competition.

The Competition of Innovative Business Ideas launched Thessaloniki Technology Park Management & Development Corporation SA (TTP / MDC SA), entitled "Innovative Ideas in Central Macedonia 2008". The aim of the competition was to improve and promote innovative business plans deriving from the geographical region of Central Macedonia.


Team Supervisor: Sofoklis S. Makridis, Lecturer on the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Members: Dr. Alexandra Ioannidou Post Doctoral, Efklidis Tsiligkeridis Mechanical Engineer, Antonis Economou PhD Candidate, Grigoris Koutsouridis PhD Candidate and Dr. Elpida Samara Post Doctoral Researcher.