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In recent years, the science of Medicine dramatically changes the way in which diseases are being diagnosed as well as and the way they are being treated.

For example, molecular imaging, the possibilities of which had not been discovered until recently, has affected all areas of medicine. Furthermore, the early diagnosis of the disease is faster than ever, making it possible to detect its exact causes. Nuclear Medicine, on the other hand, a modern specialty of Medicine, uses small amounts of radioactive materials for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Tests taking place following this method, are known as scintigrams.

The main activity of the Laboratory of Medical Instrumentation of TEI of Athens, is the basic and applied research in order to develop products according to innovative developments in the health sector. Emphasis is put on Nuclear Medicine Imaging Technologies, but also in other areas of Medical Imaging and Biomedical Engineering, as well as in related activities.

Research and design of new medical technologies


The aim of the activity of the laboratory is to develop and implement molecular imaging technologies in medicine, in preclinical and clinical level.

During the last four years, common research projects between different entities at national and international level are being conducted. This activity has been distinguished six times so far during conferences of several institutions. In its short period of existence, Mr. G. Loudos’ team has participated in a European nanotechnology program in Medicine (FP7) and has coordinated the European network COST, as far as the promising technology PET/ MRI is concerned. At the same time, the team has participated in other smaller projects as well as in a large number of projects to be submitted while it develops medical imaging equipment of high performance and conducts innovative research in the field of medical instrumentation. Simultaneously, it pocesses unique equipment, including a tomographic SPECT system and the unique PET system in the field of health in Greece.

The goals of the team are both to establish themselves at a national level in the field of development and evolution of medical systems as well as to contribute in the application of non-invasive imaging technologies to study molecular mechanisms under the interdisciplinary collaborations and joint programs.

National and international awards of the Medical Instrumentation Laboratory 2007 - 2011

The distinctions of the laboratory of the TEI of Athens are connected to six awarded papers which have been presented in conferences organized by:
1) the Hellenic Thoracic Society,
2) the Hellenic Cancer Society,
3) the Hellenic Society of Nuclear Medicine ,
as well as by
4) the European Association of Nuclear Medicine, and are related to the ‘In vivo’ imaging of labeled hybrid nanoparticles for implementation in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, PET Instrumentation and latest developments in instrumentation, Experimental and Simulation Studies for the Optimization of Dedicated Scintimammography Cameras etc.


George Loudos, Assistant Professor, Director of Medical Instrumentation Laboratory, Department of Biomedical Engineering (former Medical Instruments Technology).

Team members: G. Loudos, E. David, N. Efthimiou, L. Fysikopoulos, M. Georgiou, P. Papadimitroulas.