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The ELSA (European Law Students' Association) was founded in 1981 by students in order to contribute to legal education, to adopt a mutual understanding and promote the social responsibility of students and young lawyers.

It organizes academic activities with various legal topics, such as virtual trials and legal essay competitions, both locally and internationally, which aime to bridge the gap between legal theory and practice and the best possible contribution to legal education. It therefore constitutes a rare opportunity for contestants to deepen their knowledge in unknown topics.

ELSA is the biggest independent student organization worldwide, and it can be found in 40 European countries of Europe counting around 30,000 members, students and young lawyers. It offers consulting to UN bodies and committees, and acts as observer to the World Trade Organization (WTO) since 2005.

Winning a moot court competition to gain a real scholarship


The moot court competition is organized by ELSA concerning a hypothetical transnational dispute on a commercial issue, which is resolved in the WTO. In the pan-European round of the international competition, the student team from the AUTH won the first prize. In 2011, the competition theme concerned the production of cloned sheep and their exportation to another country, which on grounds of health protection of its residents, believes that the importation should be banned, citing protective WTO provisions. The issue is not theoretical, since the famous "Dolly" sheep may soon become subject of industrial production, as it already announced by the USA.

Student groups from European Universities competed in turns in the role of the plaintiff and defendant State. In the first phase of the competition written memos have been submitted for each side, which counts by 30% in the final standings. The rest of the 70% depends on the presence of the students before the judges and the virtual audience. The participants had to find and present legal arguments in English and had to deal with judges who serve either the WTO, the European Commission or who are law professors at a European University. The student prizes were scholarships in international economic law institutes of Barcelona and Bern.

ELSA Moot Court Competition- EMC²

The ELSA Moot Court Competition is a simulated hearing of the World Trade Organization dispute settlement system.

» In 2011, the AUTH team won first place in the competition. Also, Kostas Voulgarakis won the award for Best Speaker among all participating students.

» In 2010, AUTH received two first awards in the written pleadings: the award of best application of the defendant State and the award of best document in total.

» In 2009, the first year of its participation, AUTH won the first prize for the application of the defendant State.


Glavinis Panagiotis, Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, AUTH, Team Supervisor.

Student team in 2011: Kostas Voulgarakis, Elli Resvani, George Fasfalis and Sophia Saouridou.