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The obesity epidemic is spreading very rapidly worldwide. Greece in particular, has the "privilege" of being among the two European countries with the highest incidence of teenage obesity, with obvious negative consequences as far as the general, national level of health is concerned.

According to the Greek Company of Chirurgical Obesity, it has been proven that only surgery can provide long-term satisfactory results in the treatment of Morbid obesity.

Since 1994, when the first obese patient was operated in order to treat obesity, the Morbid Obesity and Nutrition Unit of the University of Patras deals with this multisystemic disease and has won international recognition and awards.

The certification of the Unit as a Center of Excellence in Bariatric Surgery has been a major distinction.

OBESITY— A Modern Epidemic


At the Morbid Obesity and Nutrition Unit of the University of Patras, on the basis of a specific algorithm and depending on the patient’s needs, there is the possibility of carrying out the whole range of bariatric surgery, open or laparoscopic.

Until now more than 1700 patients have undergone surgery in order to treat clinically severe obesity, with excellent results in weight loss as well as in the treatment / improvement of concomitant diseases, risking extremely low fatality and morbidity.

The preoperative assessment as well as lifetime postoperative monitoring takes place with the participation of doctors and other scientific personnel of various specialties. An electronic monitoring record for patients is kept whereas a regular outpatient clinic operates on a weekly basis.

Today, this Unit of the University of Patras is recognized as one of the reliable and effective ones following international standards for managing severe obesity issues in Greece.


School of Medicine, School of Health Sciences University of Patras

In the framework of the program certifying the centres of excellence in Bariatric surgery, the Morbid Obesity and Nutrition Unit was surveyed by an authorized committee and was certified as a Centre of Excellence by the European Accreditation Council for Bariatric Surgery of the European Chapter of IFSO (International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity).

Since 2008, the «Europe Accreditation Council» has recognized as Centres of Excellence in Bariatric a total of 14 units in Europe, Middle East and Africa.


Fotis KalfarentzosProfessor of General Surgery.

Partners: George Skroubis, Kehagias Ioannis, Marianna Argentou, Nansy Mead, Aggeliki Loukidi, Fwteini Skonta.

Surgery, Morbid Obesity and Nutrition Unit, University Regional General Hospital of Patras.